Editorial byPhilippe Finkel,Founder of iot.now

“ In 1996, I decided to create Cantor, an ESN specializing in data and enterprise architecture, with technological diversity as its core value. My aim is to find technical solutions to real human needs.
It was with this vision that I decided to create the iot.now solution. Make the challenges of the iot market simple and accessible, with maximum opportunities for personalization ”

As a salaried developer and then freelancer in the field of microanalysis and computer linguistics, I’ve always wanted to be further upstream in projects. I wanted to be involved in structuring choices for customers and to have a 360° vision of projects.

Since the start of Cantor, I’ve made sure on a day-to-day basis that I’m able to satisfy both our customers and the whole team by working on diversified and innovative projects.

As I often say, the Cantor team is a team of general experts! I’ve always wanted the whole R&D team to evolve beyond technologies and reinvent itself every day.

It was with this philosophy that the iot.now project was born.

“ Each and every one of us is involved in the early stages of a project to better understand the customer’s issues. It’s the only way to be able to make proposals and develop quality projects ”

Teamwork and the development of everyone’s skills are also very strong pillars.

This simple recipe enables juniors to grow very quickly and seniors to evolve on a daily basis. Team training is also a priority at Cantor, in order to remain at state-of-the-art.

In line with this, I also devote part of my time to giving courses in object-oriented programming (OOP), Design Patterns and software engineering.

I supervise engineers’ final year projects and am a VAE (validation des acquis de l’expérience) teaching advisor at the Université Paris Est Marne la vallée (UPEM) and at ESIEE-Paris (engineering school).

“ Making the link between school and the world of work is essential for me. It’s also a source of inspiration to continue developing Cantor and stay connected to future developments in technologies and markets“

Our partners

Over time, we’ve developed strong partnerships with experts in 4.0 markets, so that we’re always up to date with the state of the art in each market. This is essential to the success of every iot project.